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The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program is an initiative of the Malaysian Government which accords non-Malaysians from all over the world a ten year renewable Social Visit Pass with Multiple Entry Visa among all the other attractive privileges attached to it.

 One of the fringe benefits from this program is the option for successful applicants to either import one (1) used car that belongs to the applicant personally from his or her country of residence (subject to Approved Permit but exempted from payment of import duty, excise duty and sales tax if done within 6 months from MM2H pass endorsement date) OR to purchase one (1) locally assemble passenger car in Malaysia which is exempted from payment of excise duty and sales tax.  (You may sell the duty free cars after 2 years by paying the prevailing duties.)


Mercedes Saloon Cars - Savings of RM$61,672.20 to RM$252,775.83 !

Mercedes MM2H Peninsula Malaysia On The Road Pricelist - Mercedes Car Price in Penang / KL /Johor Bahru

Mercedes MM2H East Malaysia On The Road Pricelist

CAR PRICES Quoted below are on the road price including, road tax, registration fees, insurances & etc

Hyundai Sonata 2.0 CVVTi - RM$119,628.98 // Savings RM$35,806.04 // MM2H Price RM$83,822.94

Hyundai Elantra CVVT - RM$93,888.00 // Savings RM$26,964.40 // MM2H Price RM$66,923.60

(NOTE:  All prices quoted are guidelines and are subject to changes )

OTHER CAR LINKS :-  - 1.3L Ezi(A) RM$49,316 /// MM2H Price RM$42621 - Save RM$6,695     Hyundai Sonata 2.0 CVVTi  Save All Taxes RM$35,806.04 !             

CITY 1.5-dsI (A) RM$77,000  /// MM2H Price RM$58,018.50 - Save RM$18,981.50

CIVIC 1.8S(A) RM$113,800 /// MM2H Price RM$77,273 - Save RM$36,527.00

JAZZ 1.5VTEC(A) RM$103,780 /// MM2H Price RM$64,780 - Save RM$39,000.00

STREAM1.8i VTEC(A) RM$148,800 /// MM2H Price RM$82,385 - Save RM$66,415.00

ODYSSEY DOHCiVTEC RM$230,000 /// MM2H Price RM$114,517 - Save RM$115,483        

BMW320i Series RM$236,800  /// MM2H Price RM$161,736.57 - Save RM$75,063.43

BMW525i Sports RM$409,800 /// MM2H Price RM$283,768.79 - Save RM$126,031.21   Mercedes S350 SEL - Save All Taxes RM$252,775.83 !  ( Locally Malaysian Assemble Car - Classic Look )  

With your MM2H 2nd Home Visa you can buy a local car duty free Bufori Classic Car 4U!

Bufori is a manufacturer of exclusive handcrafted luxury vehicles located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The operations started over 20 years ago in Sydney, Australia, until the headquarters and production were transfered to Malaysia in 1994. Bufori is specialised in building cars in the classic design of the 1930's, incorporating state-of-the-art technology. Each unit leaving our factory is a unique masterpiece, customisation options only being limited by the size of imagination.

We see our model range as an Evolution, the first Bufori Madison being built in 1987 by Gerry Khouri in his garage, the latest model being the MKIII "La Joya".

Bufori cars are sold directly to automobile enthusiasts around the world, or through our dealer network, which is constantly expanding.